Online Shopping India

How to sell products online in india


What to sell online?

First off – What products you have got on hand to sell? what are you going to sell? Plan your products which one you want to sell online.

How to price your products?

Once you’ve decided on what you’ll sell, next is your pricing policy. Do not quote your product with high prices, Buyers always would like to see low prices compared to available in the market. Quote a good price with reasonable profit to sell products online.

Name your online store

Create and name your online store for free. To Create your Store online, register as a seller/supplier then create.

Quality & Relaibility

This is crucial for online selling, when you sell products online, your business depends on this. if you are selling quality products, buyers will turnback to your store and will buy again and again, will get more rating, means more business.


People like to see detailed images and descriptions. a product with less description will always have less chances of selling. Detail all the existing features and specifications of your product with a quality images.

Delivery & Customer Service

Providing your customers with quality service and attention is very important. Answer inquiries in a timely manner, within hours if possible. Be sure you have a return policy and that it is easy for visitors to find. When an item is sold, be sure to include contact information with the package to help promote future purchases. Have excellent customer service with a phone number people can call if they have a question. Take every opportunity to get your store’s brand in front of people,

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