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How to list my products on coolbuy


1.Choosing categories & Subcategories

2.Writing Title & One Line Descriptions

Product Title is the name of the product. Duplicate Products or Catalogs are not allowed.

Keywords is generally product name or Brand need to write with one or two words.

3. Quantities Availability or No Fixed

Specify What Quantity of the item is available.

No-Fixed refers that you got enough quantity in your store to the demand.

Mention your product condition whether it is Used/New or Brand New.

4. Product Availability Cites or All cities

Specify the location of the product where it is located currently.

Product Availability refers to where the product can be shipped to customers.

If the item is available to all customer in all cities, the option one should choose is Available to all Ciites.

5. Product Description Features & Specifications

Your Product Description should explain the buyers what product it is and the usage of the product if required.

You must explain the features of the product in the features field.

You must provide the Product Specifications, like size, weight, expiry, legal rights from country to country, licencing information, and usage details.

6. Cost & Price

Specify the price of the item/product. All the item price to be entered in Indian Rupees(INR) Only, No other currency like dollers, Euros or pounds are strictly not allowed.

7. Packaged Contents

Specify your Package or Shipping Package Item Contents, this is what the buyer will expect from your shipping package.

8. Shipping Weight & Cost

Provide the Shipping weight of the item, with Local Cost and Non Local Cost.

Local Cost is the shipping cost of the item to be Shipped Locally from the Product Location(With in City Range).

Non-Local Cost is the shipping cost of item to be Shipped Outside from the Product Location(Outside City Range).

9. Selecting Payment Methods & Details

Following are the payment methods are available on Coolbuy.

Cash on Delivery
Buyer Picks and Pays
Cheque and Demand Draft Option
Pay Online Thru Credit Card or Online Net Banking
Seller Direct Delivers Product and Collects Cash

Cheques, Demand Drafts and COD should be handled by sellers, Clearing of Cheques or DD's need to check properly before delivering the item. In case of Cash on Delivery Indian Postal has the facility to send via VPP and also some courier services has the COD service, They will collect cash from buyer, deliver ordered product and will pay back to the seller, There are some cases of Buyer not claiming the parcel or wrong address or Buyer not paying the requested amount to the courier person or postman, in that case the product will be returned to you. Before delivering item seller should thoroughly check the information of the Buyer and his/her intrest towards item and take alternative contact numbers before delivering item on COD alternatively you can also request the buyer to pay online for the COD order. In case of Net Banking Buyer will pay in advace to coolbuy where the amount will be transferred to sellers account after confirmation of supply of the order.

10.Adding Pictures/Images of Product/Item

After adding details to the item the screen will take to you to adding pictures/images of the product.

You can upload multiple images for a product like Small, Medium, Large and image for Features as well to display.

11.General Questions

Will My Product lists immediately after Adding into Product List?

Even if you are a verified seller, all your products needs to approve before listing in your shop, it will take approximately about 1 to 2 days, if we have any queries, our team will be contacted directly to you before approving. Only the products/items will be approved as per our list in terms and conditions and should match in the above category.

What is Seller Verification Process?

Coolbuy Admin will be contacted to seller only after seller has setup his store and listed his items before approval of listing of items and store.

What i Can Sell on coolbuy?

you can sell any item which is listed in the categorys and sub-categories according to terms & conditions. By placeing a item on this Site, you ensure that listed items do not infringe upon the copyright, trademark or other rights of third parties. Anyone can report listings offering infringing items, and request that such items be removed.

How can i create my Store? How much i pay for store?

Its Free to create your store. You must register first to create your store, once register from your account admin you can easily create your store with the store wizard.

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