Online Shopping India

How to Create Web Store or Online Shop


Create Free Webstore, Choose your Store Name

Select the appropriate name for your store as you can use as brand name for all your products for your online shop.

Contact Name, Phone & Address

Provide your contact number so that customers will reach you by this contact for your online store.

Business Description

Write a clear business desription with the types of products you deal online and your nature of business. Describe About your Business, About You as a Seller, Your Supplying Products, if you got Shop/Showroom/Warehouse specify Details.


How do you shipping of the product? Give the Courier Services names you use to ship the product. Define the min days you will take to ship the order, Shipping Rates for Local and Outside City, Shipping Restrictions. Also advise customers if you deal Cash on Delivery Service.

Seller Help

Define what help you can provide to customer, Helpline Number, what are the best timings to contact you, Item Replacemnt, Services, Repairs etc.

Guarantee/Warranty Protection

How you will handle Guarantee & Warranty Protection if applies to item. Item, Validity etc.

Other FAQ on Online Shop

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