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Immu-Rich Immunity Boosters - (90 capsules)

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About this Product : Immu-Rich Immunity Boosters - (90 capsules)

ImmuRich Capsule (Bio-Active Immunomodulator)

World's most powerful IMMUNITY comes from Colostrum of the Cows.
Get the
protection and restoration leading to elimination of many health

FDA approved, ISO certified, free from chemical or
pharmaceutical substances, 100% natural hence no ill-effects.

tested in Swine Flu, Psoriasis, TB, HIV, Asthma, Daibetes. all virals,
severest bedsores, digestive disorders, piles and endless list of health


Boost Your Immunity with Immurich


  • Made of Cow Colostrum
  • 100 % Natural
  • Natural Source of Immunoglobins, Lactoferrin, Interferon, Proline rich Polypeptides..
  • Raw Material certified by FDA and HALAL and approved by World Health Organisation (WHO)
  • Manufacturing Process certified by GMP, AGSI, HACCP
  • Company Promoted by Dr. Ramesh Patil, MD, having 25 years of Medical Experience.


  • Boosts Immunity against all kinds of Flu including Swine Flu.
  • Increases body mass in under-weights.
  • Improves immunity and enhances the healing process in HIV/AIDS patients.
  • Highly useful in cases of Tuberculosis, Asthma, Psoriasis and many other diseases.
  • Protects the body against climatic changes (Highly useful in
    treatment of patients susceptible to cold and suffering from prolonged
    cold and cough/running nose)
  • Regulates fast healing of wounds

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90 capsules

Package Contents

90 capsules
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Immu-Rich Immunity Boosters - (90 capsules)
its nice
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Shopping Rating : 3 out of 5
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