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Scissors for your Kitchen

Whether it's office, the drawing room, the kitchen or a department store, scissors are used everywhere! And so a good pair of scissors is a much needed part of stationery items. We realize that our buyers are time-pressed and often they turn a blind eye to this trivial-appearing, yet a must-be-at-home stationery item. We are sure you can recall instances when you went knocking your neighbour's door for a pair of scissors and when you with no option left had to use your teeth to tear open the packet of processed food!

Sensing this ordeal you face when there is no scissor available handy, CoolBuy comes to your fingertips with a variety of scissors for you to choose from. We have scissors of all types and sizes to meet your varied requirements. Whether your little angel needs a scissor to accompany him for his craft class or you need it in your kitchen to open the milk bag every morning and whether you need a scissor to complete your sewing kit or you need it to tear open the gunny bags in your department store, we have it all!

Essential tool in your Kitchen

The handle of the scissor will ensure you get a firm grip and the material is good enough to prevent any hardships to the fingers. Also, the scissors are designed for both right and left handed users. The blades are razor sharp, thus eliminating the frequent need to get the scissor sharpened from the blade sharpener who makes door- visits from building to building. The CoolBuy scissors are of premium quality, are durable and made from stainless steel. So, hurry now and get the CoolBuy scissors at best prices!

You ask for it and we have it all at online shopping lowest price! So, complete your first-aid box now with a CoolBuy scissor! Complement the stationery-holder stand in your office with a CoolBuy scissor! No more 'Beg, Borrow, Steal' for scissors! Buy a CoolBuy scissor now!

Kitchen Scissors Brands & Types

Brand: Wonderchef, Sheffield, Birde, Teleskyshop, Phoenix
Type: Baby nail cutting scissor, Kids scissor, Herbs scissor, Hair-cutting scissor, Tailor use
The kids scissor is fully plastic, thus ensuring safety of the kids. They are light in weight and hence not much of a load in the kids craft-kit. These scissors are used for cutting paper and cardboard.

The tailor use scissors have brass handle and oval shape to give comfort to the tailors who often work for hours at a stretch. There are 7 blades herbs scissors available, which as the name says has 7 blades to help you cut and chop different varieties of vegetables in the kitchen with high precision and that too at a faster pace. This will definitely cut down your cooking time and enhance your efficiency. Some scissors come with bottle openers thus serving dual purpose Tearing through and opening bottles and cans. Vibrant, eye-catchy colours can be preferred in the kitchen to shield the scissors from the oil and spice stains in the kitchen.