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Lunch box with bag online

Eating lunch is considered to be an important daily ritual in the Indian culture. We derive great pleasure in cooking food as well as consuming it and consider warm food to be healthy. And so, the lunch box that accompanies us right from the school to the office is equally important to us. It symbolizes the love with which our mother or wife or sister has made the dabba for us. This concept of lunch box was beautifully touched upon in Bollywood movie 'Lunch Box' played wonders at the box office.

From munching on the puffy cakes and sandwiches in kindergarten school to munching on the hot piping lunch with colleagues in office, lunch box has been a crucial part of our life. And has played a role in keeping us healthy and happy by maintaining the warmth of the food so that we can delve onto the warm lunch made with love by our beloved mother. The lunch box can make the food more visually appealing and enticing to the consumer and can add an element of fun to the process of eating lunch. The attractiveness of the lunch box online shopping india depends upon the size, colour, compartmentalization.

For a kid there can be no lunch box better than the one bearing a picture of the kid's favorite cartoon or the one carrying a game. Lunch boxes with a game on the cover can serve dual purpose for kids as the little ones will have a great time toying with the lunch box after they've munched on the food. Also, children would prefer lunch box with water bottle and with many compartments as they love their food to be accompanied with sweets, candies or sausages.

For office-goers lunch box with layers and steel-coating from inside and a cover with a handle is a must as it looks professional. The steel coating will help keep the food warm and the layers will ensure a proper compartmentalization of food. The compartments will allow you to keep the salad, curd, main course and sweet separate so that you can enjoy every part of the meal to the fullest. There are also air-tight glasses which are a part of the lunch box with bag online. These glasses will take care of your soup and buttermilk. The outer lunch-box cover with a handle and a belt will make the lunch-box convenient to carry and will provide complete insulation. In the middle of your hectic office schedule munching on the lunch in CoolBuy lunchbox will definitely make you day. We want our customers to eat healthy and stay healthy and hence we offer a variety of attractive and best quality lunch box for kids at the best pricing ONLY at CoolBuy.

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Lunchbox material: Polypropylene, 100% virgin plastic, stainless steel.
Capacity: 200 ml to 2050 ml
Containers: 2 to 4 boxes, an airtight glass, a spoon holder
Additional Features: Dishwasher safe, microwaveable, refrigerator safe, odour free, BPA free Outer bag which is easily washable provides complete insulation and ease to carry.