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Kitchen knife set - Knife set with Stand - 6pcs
Rs.499 Rs.299
Kitchen knife set - Knife set with Stand - 6pcs
Rs.499 Rs.299
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Kitchen knife online shopping india

Chopping, cutting, mincing are activities performed by man since the stone age times. In those days the tools used for these tasks were made from sharpened wood or stone. But over time with man's evolution these tools evolved too.Thus, we see that knife is an indispensable part of kitchenware and is an important tool used for cooking. Any cuisine appears visually appealing because of the precision with which its ingredients, that is, the vegetables, fruits, meat is cut. In case of salad, the perfect cut of the veggies enhances the salad. All housewives and ardent cooks out there would agree that precise chopping of vegetables and fruits demands hell lot of time, thus making the task of cooking tedious and time consuming. Also, the blade should be razor sharp and the handle should give you the perfect grip to make the process of cutting and chopping easy and fast.

So, buy kitchen knife set online india to solve your need for knives to cut vegetables, fruits, meat, bread, CoolBuy comes to you with its wide assortment of knives. Now make the process of chopping, mincing, peeling easy by choosing the perfect blade to serve the right purpose. CoolBuy offers durable, superior quality cheap kitchen knives for sale from renowned brands. Also, the stainless steel of the knife - blade will prevent it from rusting and make it last long. The handle will give you a perfect grip, thus accelerating the process and preventing the blade and the handle from separating.

Get your hands on the best quality knives we have to offer to you at best discount prices. Now with low price shopping site india knives cooking will take only a couple of minutes, thus enhancing your efficiency. So, whether there are unexpected guests at home during lunch time or your son comes home hungry at odd times, you need not fret anymore, because the kitchen knife set online will make chopping vegetables an affair that takes not more than a few seconds.

Buy kitchen knives & Latest Trends

Brands: Richardson Sheffeild, Opinel, Prestige, Pryatron.
Material Of Blade: Stainless Steel
Material Of Handle: Virgin Plastic
Chef's Knife: Used for mincing, dicing and chopping
Utility Knife: Used for usual tasks like mincing meat or cutting sandwiches
Parking Knife: Used for tasks that need cutting to be done with a lot of precision, for example, cutting small fruits, peeling, trimming.
Bread knife: It is specially designed and used for cutting loaves of all kinds of bread

Knives are available in sets or as a single standalone knife. In some kind of sets there is only one handle which is separable from the blade and the set comprises of a variety of blades. So, you just need to change the blade to suit your requirement. Knife sets come with a wooden stand to hold the knives or they come with a wooden hanger on which you can hang the knives. Some sets are complemented with a pair of scissors. Knife sets with a knife-sharpener is the new trend in the market. The knife-sharpener saves you from the hassles of carrying the knife to store and back home or waiting for the knife sharpener boy to come to your doorstep.