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Plain Terry Pink - Seat Cushion
Rs.650/Pce Rs.550/Pce
Plain Terry Pink - Seat Cushion
Rs.650/Pce Rs.550/Pce
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Match every occasion with Cushion covers

From embellishing your living room to adding fun to your sibling-fights, and from your musical cushion game during a house party to listening to your silent cries at night, cushions have always been there for you like a loyal friend. Hence cushion covers are equally important to beautify this important household accessory and to add to the visual aesthetics of the household. Indian housewives have evolved from making homemade cushion covers out of old overused sari to changing cushion covers to match every occasion and mood in the house, thus opening opportunities for business to foray into this market.

Cushion Covers for Party

Today there is an array of choices available with the customers to choose from. Cushion covers are available in various materials like cotton, silk, wool, viscose, velvet, linen, etc. Many factors need to be taken into consideration while selecting the cushion covers. These include the colour of the walls, the colour of the home furnishing, the look of the house contemporary or trendy, the family member in whose room the cushion is to be used - cushion covers can make a kid's bedroom look completely different from that of its parents. This goes without saying that a beach-side house should have cushion covers different from those in an apartment in a sky-kissing tower. Cushion covers can be changed with the occasion as well. For example, during a Raksha Bandhan get together you can always go for contemporary and ethnic cushion covers with bright colours and sequins, while for a kitty party you can change to something that's more trendy and sober at the same time. Similarly for your kid's birthday party you can have cushion covers with cartoon characters or animated pictures that will help strike the fancy of the kids at the party. Not to forget a set of beautiful cushion covers can be the best gift to a friend who has just moved into her new abode!!

Digital Print Cushion covers online india

At CoolBuy we have cushions with digital print that make the ambience of the house pleasing to the guests as well as the residents of the house. When we love flowers on our apparels, curtains, bedsheets and even the handkerchief, why should our cushions miss them? Also, when we love that flower pot in the corner of our living room or the bedroom, why not complement it with some cushion covers with floral designs! Take a look at our polycotton digital print cushion cover with bright coloured floral print on a background having shades of brown. It is a perfect cushion cover to brighten up the interiors of the house and fill the ambience with freshness and vitality. It can be a seamless match for a hawai themed party or a casual kitty party. Also, it can be the best choice for the nature lovers.

From the cat in our 'Pussy Cat' poem to our favourite Tom from the 'Tom & Jerry' cartoon show, cats have always been adorable. And hence to remind you of your good old school days we have come up with polycotton digital print cushion cover with eye-catching, bright coloured adorable cat-kitten pair on an off-white background. This cover will also be a perfect choice for the bedroom of your little ones. We are sure that listening to cat poems and stories while going to bed can't be made more interesting than this to your little angels.

Find the best Cushion Cover at Coolbuy site

Looking for a cushion cover that will give a soothing, sober look to your house? Your search ends here at online shopping where we offer polycotton digital print cushion cover made from polyster and carrying a print of branches bearing leaves in shades of green and yellow on a cream coloured background to add to the aesthetic beauty of the house. The design symbolizes nature and simplicity and will make you feel close to the nature each time you glimpse at the cushion. It has good seam strength and stability to washing and rubbing.

Cushion covers designs

How about getting up every morning to read some motivational quotes before getting out from the bed? A bang on start of the day for sure! So, we have come up with polycotton digital print cushion cover with a dark Black Text that perfectly contrasts the cream coloured background and looks perfectly trendy. The imprinted bold letters symbolize courage and an audacious and go-getter attitude. This cushion cover will be a seamless match for a teenager's bedroom who is a fashionista and loves to stay in vogue. Go, grab this cushion cover today itself, Cash on Delivery available!

Latest Styles of Cushion Covers

Latest trends include designs like Abacus pattern, multi-bright stripes, fatfatiya designs, digital printing, cartoon and animated characters, hand painted designs, leopard print background, gold cord edging, reversible stem pattern, Feathers to London theme, saffron pom pom cushions, cushion covers with duck feather filled cushion pads, Gotta Patti embroidery designs, Chanderi Nabhya Sequin, Chanderi Silk Cotton, Gudri design, Kasida design from Kashmir, Chikankari Paika design, Polo logo, etc.