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In spite of the advent of mobile phones, landline phones is something which we just cannot do without, be it an office, a retail store or a house. Landline phones are here to stay! And so does our need to buy fancy landline phones, for landline phones also add to the aesthetics of the place and help embellish it.
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Latest Landline phones Price List 2016Price
Binatone Concept 700Rs.949
Beetel B78Rs.3699
Uniden AS7412Rs.1049
Uniden AT4501Rs.3299
Uniden AS7401Rs.1299
Uniden AS7413Rs.899
Uniden AS7202Rs.649
Uniden AS7101Rs.620
Panasonic KX-TSC60SXBRs.1149
Beetel M51Rs.599

Landline phone brands at cheapest price

Realizing this need our customers CoolBuy comes to your fingertips with an array of landline phones for you to choose from. We offer landline phones from renowned electronics brand and with the latest technological specifications. Also, there are scores of varieties available to suit your needs. Choose a phone to match its color with the color of the table or the wall mounted telephones and give your house a new look! From a fancy phone to suit the table in your living room to a simple-looking yet professional landline phone to suit your office-desk, we have it all in our arsenal.

The CoolBuy landline phones have the best sound quality, are made from the best durable material, have good ergonomic keypad and are wall and desk mountable. So if you are planning to gift your friend who has just moved into a new house, a CoolBuy landline phone can be the perfect gift. Also, the CoolBuy landline phones come with a warranty period.
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Landline phone latest trends
Brand: Beetel, Panasonic, Uniden, Orientel, Binatone, Motorola, General Electric, Gigaset, Huawei, Svasti, Visiontech, Thomson, Talktel
Type: Corded, Cordless
Keypad: Alphanumerical
Colour: Black, Beige, White, Gray, Red, Navy Blue, Maroon
Other Features: Ringer Volume Control, Handset Volume Control, Flash Support, Incoming Call
Record, Outgoing Call Record, Transparent Keys
The box comes with a handset, two batteries, one phone cord, power adapter, battery cover, base and user guide.