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Cordless phones are used everywhere nowadays, as they give freedom from talking on the phone where the unit is setup, to anywhere within its range. A cord less phone is a portable phone, containing a base unit and a wireless handset. The base unit is connected to the fixed telephone line, and normally it also acts as the charging station for the wireless handset.
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Latest Cordless Phone Price List in 2016Price
Uniden AS1002Rs.2259
Uniden AT4102-2Rs.2999
Beetel X66 CordlessRs.1559
Panasonic KX TG 2711Rs.2375
Panasonic KX-TG3651BXRs.4385
Panasonic PA-KXTG1614Rs.4999
Panasonic KXTG-3711SXRs.2449
Panasonic KXTG-3712Rs.3799
Panasonic KX-TG3611SXSRs.1999
Panasonic KX-TG3611SXBRs.1999

Uniden, Panasonic and Beetel Cordless phones in india

Usually, the range of wireless handset is about 30 to 40 metres. The first phones used were with very basic facilities, and with very lesser range. But as technology developed with time, there were many changes and upgradations brought into landline phones. Nowadays these have Caller ID, phone book, loudspeaker, ringtones, alarms, answering machine and many more services available in Online Shopping for women.

Latest Trends & Brands: These Phones aren't just phones, they are intelligent communication devices. They let you talk for hours with your loved ones, without any hassle of wires, being tied to one place. You can run around the house, from the basement to terrace, without any limitations and talk on the phone, with better call quality than smartphones. Here are some of the latest trending upgrades and services provided by panasonic cordless phones of this era at lowest price in rupees.
i. Bluetooth enabled phones: As we all know there is one thing that smartphones can't do and the cord less phone does, better call quality. Bluetooth enable phones lets us connect 2 to 4 smartphones to it, and then calls on smartphones can be made and received through the beetel cordless phones handset, with much-improved call quality.
ii. Answering Machines: Phones are upgraded with in-built answering machines. It saves the space of having a big, space taking the answering machine. And also, this service makes it mobile.
iii. Noise reduction: Enhanced noise reduction technique is a very effective feature used. It lets the caller suppress background noises around him, and enhancing their voice as well.
iv. Talking Caller ID: Using text to speech technology, the caller's name can now be heard from different rooms, and the user won't have to get up if they don't want to attend the call. Herballife is easily available in the herbalife weight loss

There are hundreds and thousands of cordless phone models available to compare in the market, from several manufacturers. Here is a narrowed list of best remote phones available in the market, with the rating from 1 to 5 and its best features, according to their services and quality. 5 being the best to 1 being the least best.
i. Panasonic KS-TG5240: Bluetooth enabled, 5 handsets, answering machines, brighter LED display. Rating: 5/5.
ii. Uniden Cordless Phone Big Button and Digital Answering System EZAI2997: Good grip, big buttons, superb sound quality, 100 ft. range, 10 hours battery backup. Rating: 4/5.
iii. Panasonic KX-TG4743B: Easy to hold, good range, good voice quality. Rating 3.5/5.
iv. Motorola IT6-2 DECT 6.0 2-Handset Digital Home Phone: Digital phone, great design, 2-inch display, answering machine. Rating 4/5.