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Mascot Costumes

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Mascots are objects, animals or costumed characters used as lucky charms or used to represent a bunch of people with a common identity, for example an educational institute or a sports club. They are ubiquitous at fun stuff, for they add an element of fun and frolic to the event. Mascots, especially the costumed characters are a strong advertising and marketing gimmick adopted by brands and corporates these days. For the 2016 Summer Olympics and Paralympics in Rio De Janerio, Vinicius and Tom are the mascots. In fact mascots in the form of costumed characters are a common sight at Olympics since 1968. This underscores the fact that mascots have a strong appeal and are adored by the masses.

DeCarrot Mascot Costume

We are sure all parents would agree with us that explaining to kids the importance of eating carrots for good eyes has always been a cumbersome task. What else can be a better idea than explaining it to them through our DeCarrot Mascot! Make this mascot the talk of your kid's birthday party and don't miss the opportunity to give healthy diet tips to the kids. This will surely earn you praises from all the mums and dads at the party. Why not attend a salad dressing competition along with a bunch of other veggies? But be careful!! You may come under the knife of one of the participants! For this mascot looks so real with its dark orange body and those lush green strands on the head that the participants may mistaken you for a carrot fresh out of the fields. And if you are planning to participate in a play based on a jungle story then better keep rabbits at bay! Your look will take no time to disguise the poor famished rabbit in the play. Standing near the buffet table in a wedding party with a plate full of carrot slices will definitely catch the fancy of the guests. So go grab this lovely DeCarrot Mascot today!!

Sunny The Dog Mascot Adult Costume

Right from toddlers to cranky grannies, all find dogs adorable. Then why not be the cynosure of a party or an event by donning the 'Sunny The Dog Mascot Adult Costume' This golden yellow sunny with blackberry eyes, pitch black flap-like ears and little pink tucked out tongue will keep all the guests at the party hooked. Help parents enjoy the party to the core by keeping their kids enchanted to the Dog & The Bone story. We are sure that all the mums and dads at the party would be really thankful to you for this!! You can also grace a Dog Show with your presence, but make sure you are within the stands, for other dogs may envy your looks and fled the event leaving the audience perplexed! So get ready to say Wow!!Wow!! with the Sunny Dog Mascot Adult Costume.

Tom & Jerry Mascot Adult Costume

Can there be a better way than flaunting a Tom & Jerry costume to strike a chord with the audience at a fun event or a party?? No, for sure!! So, get this costume today and let the guests at the events and parties know that though on-screen Tom and Jerry are always at loggerheads, off-screen they are as playful as any pair of kindergarten friends. Dazzle the audience with your playful tactics. You can tell a short story and make it more interesting by lacing it with the use of some props. For kids nothing can be more fascinating than having Tom and Jerry from the celluloid, out there in the party playing with them. The silver grey Tom with snow white paws and stomach, pitch dark eyes, black whiskers and cherry-red tucked-out tongue accompanied by chocolate-brown Jerry with beige stomach, blackberry eyes, vermilion-red tongue and little pink ears will no doubt eclipse other cartoon characters at a fancy dress event or a comic event. So why wait?? Order Now at clothes shopping!!

Latest Trends in Mascots

These days mascot costumes for sale in india like Minions, cake doll walking cartoon, four color Bugs Bunny, Batman, Fireman hero, Hello Kitty, Dragon Lady, Farm Dairy Cow, smiling Olaf, Spartan Knight, Trojan Horse, Big Hero 6 Baymax, Popeye, Batman, Superman are in vogue. Find Large Collection of Mascots like Orca, Pumpkin, Tom & Jerry, Shark, Dog, Poppy Panda, Carrot and Turtle Mascots.