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"Shorts" refers to the bottom clothing only to the knees or thighs usually worn as a casual wear or playing sports.
Slumber Party Boxer Shorts - Coffee
Rs.750 Rs.399
Slumber Party Boxer Shorts - Coffee
Rs.750 Rs.399
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Casual Shorts for sale at our apparel stores

Sensing the importance of shopping for the right pair of shorts for women with the right trendy design and pattern and the time urgency of our women buyers today, CoolBuy comes to your fingertips with a wide assortment for you to choose from. So, no more jostling for space in the crowded apparel stores and no more spending a fortune to travel all the way to malls. Because CoolBuy will deliver your order at or doorstep in a day or two, all at the best discount prices, check out for Sonata brand! Now, whenever you step into your house after a long hectic day, you'll first want to slip into a cool pair of boy shorts. Because they are very much comfortable. Buy cheap branded stuff of premium quality, are durable and easy to wash and handle. These are made from the best fabric which will keep sweating at bay especially in the scorching summer heat. Elastic is avoided and instead there is a knot which will prevent any itching sensation to the skin.

We have a wide array of collection available in myriad colors, patterns and sizes to meet your demands and needs. So get place an order for hot shorts now and avail to the best discount prices in rupees available exclusively on our cash on delivery shopping site in India. We have women stuff with vibrant colors which when teamed with a light-colored top and sunglasses will give you the perfect look for a beach-side getaway. Flamboyant girls clothing with floral print will add to your elegance and style statement on a summer outing with your bunch of buddies. The solid classy women's long shorts will grab eyeballs when you are out shopping in the nearby department store or when you are out with colony friends for an after-dinner stroll.

Avail Women accessories at discount prices

Now, no more dumping your accessories in the gym bag while stepping out for the gym. Because the cool trendy denim shorts will make you flaunt one while on the way to the gym! So gymming will no more be a mundane task, because you'll feel stylish and classy in the designer India women's clothing! So, the next time you go to the gym you are sure to garner eyeballs.

Whether it's running behind your pet dog in the house or going for a jog in the early morning, whether it is practicing yoga in the house or walking your toddler niece to her school across the street, these women shorts will put your life easy. So, make a new addition of this segment to your wardrobe now and increase the radiance of your wardrobe! Flaunt the classy dress be the style icon among your friends!

Brand: Slumber Party, Jockey, Pretty Secrets
Colours: Coffee, Fuchsia Pink, Clematis Blue, Crystal Blue, Pink Velvet, Purple Magic, Majolica Blue, Azure Blue, Pink Bliss, Tomato, Hollyhock, Popcorn, Sunny Line, Persian Green
Pattern: Solid, Print, Floral
Fabric: Cotton