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"Shapewear" is referred as women's tight-fitting underwear which is intended to control the shape of the body.
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Shapewear: Women Shapewear online

Recall those times when you gave your farewell party a miss just because you thought the little black dress will make you look plump or recall those times when the idea of wearing a saree for your buddy's wedding made you frown because you thought you'd look like a drumstick wrapped in a saree!! These memories shall soon be banished in oblivion because CoolBuy brings to you an array of shape wear online in India at deep discounts to perfectly suit your body shape and requirement.

For the skinny women the fake butt pads will give a perfect round, sexy butt that will make you look hot in a little black dress or a pair of jeggings or skinny shorts. The pads aren't bulky and hence not conspicuous of their presence. They are so comfortable and easy to carry that you won't be conscious about it as you sit or walk. The colour of the pads is such that it'll very easily camouflage with your body colour. The shapewear camisole will enhance your gait and make you feel more confident. Now, you won't frown over the thought of wearing a saree or churidar, rather you will confidently flaunt the saree and grab eyeballs with your sexy body.

If you have just delivered a baby, then shop shapewear online india is what you need to get your hands on immediately!! Because the tummy take will take care of the still swollen tummy, so that you can flaunt a party outfit or wear a pair of jeans right after you have delivered your little angel. The CoolBuy tummy tucker will help you get rid of those extra inches so that you look slim and fit. It will fulfill your dream of getting that perfect slim, sexy figure. It won't make you sweat and will get you rid of the rigorous gym sessions and the stringent diet rules.

Shapewear Brands & Latest Trends

Type: Tummy Tucker, Buttock padded Panty, Sports bra, Slim n Lift Shaper
Fabric: Cotton, spandex, polyester, neoprene, lycra, nylon spandex
Colours: Beige, black, white
Brand: Pretty Secrets, Dream wear, IBS

Now shapewear benefits us, with a CoolBuy tummy tucker you can confidently flaunt all types of skinny outfits!! People at the party will be taken aback to see a new mom in a perfect toned body shape or with a !! With a shape-wear for saree, adorning hot pants or skinny pair of denims will no longer be a dream.

With CoolBuy sports bra bid goodbye to itching, pricking and scratching sensation. It will give a perfect curvy shape to the cups and will make you feel at ease with its high comfort level. No more bra-buldging or the underarm cleavage. It is a perfect fit for a gym outfit or a normal casual wear with pyjama for the best loose fitting clothing. So for all the chubby women as well as the skinny women out there, realize your dream of donning a mini skirt or a skinny pair of jeans!!
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