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Mens Pyjamas

Men Pyjamas online shopping in india

Pyjama is what a man loves to slip into as soon as she steps into his house, for pyjamas provide a high degree of ease and comfort. It allows the free flow of air, thus allowing the skin to breathe, which is crucial for good health especially in today's time when men are so obsessed with those skinny pair of jeans. Amongst all the clothings in the expensive wardrobe, the humble pyjama is the most loved by a man. As it is a casual wear, the pyjama demands a larger share of a man's wardrobe. Though this piece of clothing doesn't enjoy as much limelight as that enjoyed by a blazer or a sherwani dress, a man does spend sufficient amount of his shopping-time to select the best of the pyjamas. Pyjamas are thoroughly examined before making the final purchase decision even for women. This consumer engagement enjoyed by pyjamas reflects the fact that pyjamas enjoy a premier position in a man's wardrobe. Pyjamas are also very easy to wash and handle and are very convenient to carry when on an outing, because pyjamas demand just a small share of the luggage bag.

Also, of all the parties that men go to and enjoy, the most loved is the 'Pyjama Party', which is an overnight stay or a slumber party at a close buddy's house. The name 'Pajama Party' rightly indicates the comfort you enjoy at your close buddy's place and the closely knit bond that you share with your friends at the party. So, the next time you attend a pyjama party, make sure you add a cool style-quotient to the party with your CoolBuy pyjamas and become the talking point of the party!

Best Pyjamas for the comfort wear

Thus, with the objective of making shopping for pyjamas an easy and enjoyable activity, CoolBuy has come to your fingertips with an array of pyjamas at the best discount prices. We offer pyjamas in a myriad colors and patterns to choose from. A cool pyjama teamed with a lovely matching t-shirt and a pair of floaters will give you a classy look. Now, whether it is lazying in the bed on a Sunday afternoon or running behind your naughty niece in the house, whether it is doing Padmasana in the early moring or visiting the department store across the street, life is made easy by the CoolBuy pyjamas! The CoolBuy pyjamas are flamboyant and can be worn while stepping out of the house too. Even when out of the house, the CoolBuy pyjamas will make you look cool and fashionable . So, the next time you are out for an after-dinner walk in your building premises, you are sure to grab eyeballs with your flamboyant look. Go grab your pyjamas from India shopping now! So place your order now for a CoolBuy pyjama! Hurry! Look Cool! Stay Cool! Only On CoolBuy!

Pyjamas Brands & Designs

Fabric: Cotton, Blend Cotton
Pattern: Checkered, Stripes, Printed, Solid
Colour: Black, Oil Blue, Grey, White, Beige, Dark Brown, Navy Blue, Multicolor
Brands: Jockey, Sparrow, London Bee
The dual-side pockets will make it easy for you to carry your house keys and cellphone on your after-dinner walk wearing a stylish Diesel watch.