Here is the Straight Shape Body.

straight body shape

Straight Body Shape

The straight body shape is a common body shape, where 40-50 women will have straight body shape out of every 100 women. A straight body shape woman have balanced Bust, Hip & Waists.

This straight body shape women are will looks great in 19th century European dressing style. These dresses will have a wide belt at their waist so that the people will looks like as Hourglass shape people. It is an added advantage for the straight shape body women and it shows up as “U” or “V” shape their top body.

And this Wide belt at waist gives an illusion that the waist is lower than the bust. And also the bust gets a great exposure.


Tube tops are the best wearing clothes for Straight body shape women as tops. And tops with wide belt at waist area also great for them as said above. Here are some straight body shape TOP ideas to wear. tops for straight body types


The flatted bottoms are the best wearing bottoms for straight body shape women. These will show up that you are thinner than top so that it makes the people greed to see you. Here are some BOTTOM ideas for straight body shape women.