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Lipcare online shopping

Lips play a crucial role in changing the look and structure of the face. This fact is underscored by the fact that many beauty contests like 'Pantaloons Femina Miss India' recognize one contestant as 'Miss Beautiful Lips'. We admire this God's endowment so much as to include lines like 'Rosy Lips, Dimple Chin, Teen Within' in Children's rhymes and poems. Not to forget some of the epic Hindi Bollywood songs and movie dialogues in which the hero is all praises for the heroine's lovely lips. A woman takes her early lipcare lessons as a girl when her childhood game kit with a make-up box contains a plastic lipstick and she fakes applying it on her tender lips with utmost care. Every woman as a child has keenly watched her mother applying lipstick on her lips and has made countless attempts to perfectly emulate her mother in her absence. A woman is so protective about her lips and her lipcare, that as a child when she applied lipstick she hardly uttered words so as to prevent the lipstick from fading away. Even today a Barbie Doll's make-up kit is simply incomplete without a lipstick.

Lips are very delicate and hence demand special care not just during the freezing cold winters but perennially. In good old days our grandmothers and mothers pampered their lips with home-made lipcares of which ghee was the most important ingredient. But today's working woman will definitely not put herself in the hassles of making lipcares at home and getting her fingers smeared with it in the early morning. And thus we can see the evolution of lipcares from home-made ghee-based balm to colourful lip sticks, lip balms, lip liners and lip glosses. We understand that for women trying out these lipcare products for dark lips, lip balms and lip gloss, comparing prices and making a final purchase decision is a highly private affair and that women like to keep salesclerks at bay while purchasing lipcare products. And hence at online shopping we offer lipcare online shopping.

For men CoolBuy lipcare products can be the best gift to honour the women in their lives on occasions like Mother's Day, Raksha Bandhan and Valentine's Day. Also, to all the lovely women out there we would like to say, 'Get Your Lips Painted. Get Stylish'. Look and place your order NOW!!

Lip Care Products & Latest Trends

Lip sticks: Available in matt and gloss shades and a wide array of hues. They are available as a single stick or a set of shades.100% vegetarian lipsticks is the latest trend. It is available in sizes varying from 2.3 grams to 4.3 grams. An attached mirror on the lipstick holder adds frills to the lipstick. Lip Balms: Available from transparent watery colour to various shades of pink and red, these lip balms help you keep your lips moisturized prevent the lips from getting chapped. It is available in a number of variants like strawberry, mint, orange, black current, promegranate, caramel, alphonso, peach, choco butter etc. Tint and SPF 15 helps shield the lips from the dreadful UV rays of the sun. These lip balms available in multiple brands like Oriflame, Avon is sizes varying from 3.8 grams to 7 grams are convenient to carry as they occupy hardly any room in your hand-bags, wallets and also the trouser pockets. Lip Liners: These will help give a perfect outline to your leaf-like lips and thus make your lips look more prominent. Choose the colour of the lip liner so as to be in sync with the colour of the lipstick. This will help get the necessary effect.

Lip Gloss: In addition to painting your lips the lip gloss will add a dash of glitter to your lips and enhance your pout. It will keep the lips smooth and hydrated at all times. The strawberry variant is the most fancied among all the lip gloss variants. It is available in sizes varying from 2.5ml to 8 ml.

Women can manage to pamper their lips in the local trains during rush hours and in a packed office elevator. All thanks to the lipcare products which can be carried and used so conveniently.